The 'Not Fried Chicken-But Halloumi' Recipe

Okay a bit of a mouthful as names go but it's a damn tasty mouthful too!

It uses our gluten free Fried Chicken Mix that despite it's name is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans so you too can have a go at doing 'Fried 'whatever you like'. We've had great results but there are tips to follow below;

Fried Halloumi Slices

For the recipe above; this serves 2, you will need one pack of Halloumi. Please buy the good stuff, there's 'Halloumi-style cheese' in some supermarkets and it may be cheap but it's really not good when the cheese is the star of the show.


  • One pack Halloumi, sliced into 6 equal slices
  • Natural yoghurt, buttermilk or a beaten egg. You choose, it needs to be thicker than oil alone as it helps to set the crumb before frying.
  • Vegetable oil for shallow frying. About 5mm deep in the pan or halfway-ish up the crumbed halloumi piece.
  • Kitchen roll to soak up excess oil.


  • Put your chosen liquid in a flat dish. Put the halloumi slices into the liquid and turn to coat, making sure the sides get coated. 
  • Pour half a packet of the 'Fried Chicken Mix' onto a plate and spread out. Take a piece of halloumi from the liquid and coat all sides with the crumb, Pat it down firmly and put on a plate. Do each piece and then place plate into the fridge for an hour or two. Don't miss out this step. It sets the crumb and stays on much better when frying.
  • When you are ready to cook, add oil to the pan, bring to a frying temp of about 170 degrees. If you aren't sure about the temperature, drop a crumb of the mix into the oil. It should sizzle but not burn too quickly. Add each piece of halloumi into the oil gently and leave to fry over a medium heat for about 3 minutes a side. Turn carefully when golden brown using a palette knife or similar so you don't dislodge the precious golden crumb.
  • When cooked place on kitchen roll to absorb excess oil. Eat before the cheese gets cold. 

You will of course curse for not making double to quantity as these are pretty special and very, very moreish!

Finished Fried Halloumi drizzled with Hot Sauce

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