Our Brilliant Burgers: Two ways

Summer has appeared (and disappeared temporarily) as I have been reliably informed the weather is going to improve very soon. Sales have also hit summer with the BBQ ranges flying out. To help, here's the Brilliant Burger Mix recipe in more detail and a delicious variation for you to try. 

I've used turkey thigh mince here but any mince with a fat content around 10% works, very lean meat makes for dry burgers so this is one time when it's better to go for good quality mince with some fat.

So without further ado!

The basic recipe

500g mince 10% (ish) fat

Half packet 30g Bite Me Spices Brilliant Burger Mix

1 small red onion (optional but we like it)


  • If using onion, finely chop and sweat off in a frying pan over a low to medium heat for 10 minutes. It should be lightly browned. Once at this point, cool completely and set aside.
  • Add your minced meat to a bowl ensuring there is not too much excess liquid, blot excess with kitchen roll if necessary. 
  • Add 30g (half the packet) of the Brilliant Burger Mix and the cooled onion if using. Mix in with clean hands. Do not overmix, just enough to evenly distribute. Cover in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  • Shape your burgers. For our slider sized burgers (See images) we used approximately 80g mixture. Take a ball of mix the required size and firmly shape on a board into a patty shape. Place on a tray lined with baking parchment or clingfilm. When all are shaped, cover and leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight.

Monster chilli cheese stuffed burgers

  • Make the mix up as before and chill the burgers.
  • Take 50g soft goat's cheese and add chopped chilli to taste. I've used bird's eye chilli here but we often use habanero. Roll in clingfilm or foil into a sausage shape and put this in the freezer to firm up, an hour should be fine.
  • We used a burger press to make these but it's easy to make by hand. Divide the mixture into approximately 120g balls. Split these roughly in half. Press the first half into a thin patty and make a little shallow 'dimple' in the centre. Add a slice of the now chilled goat's cheese and use the remaining meat mix to cover the cheese. Try to ensure there is no cheese poking out although a little oozing is not a problem!


  • On the BBQ cook over direct heat. The sliders will only take a couple of minutes per side, a few minutes longer for the larger burgers. Leave the burgers to rest on a plate for a few minutes once cooked.
  • These can also be cooked on a griddle on the stove too. Heat the griddle pan and lightly oil the pan. Add the burgers and leave to cook for approximately 7 minutes per side. Check for done-ness as it will depend on the thickness of your burgers, the meat used and personal preference. 

 Forgive the poor photography, I'll update with nicer photos. Sadly the heavens opened and the lighting is poor. Tastes bloomin' awesome though!

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