NEW PRODUCT- Onion Bhaji Mix

We are always happy to take requests, for blends that is and I was asked for a bhaji mix. Fast forward a few weeks of tests and trials and here it is. Feedback has been amazing so we hope you love it too.

The mix makes approximately 6 medium bhajis.

  • Carefully heat a fryer or a saucepan half filled with vegetable oil to 180 degrees.
  • Meanwhile finely slice 200g peeled red or white onions into half rings and separate.
  • Add the bhaji mix to a large bowl and slowly pour in up to 90ml water. The mix should be a thick but runny consistency.
  • Add the onions and coat well.
  • When the oil is up to temperature, using your hands or an ice crwam scoop put a ball of mixture carefully into the oil. The bhajis should be left to cook for about 2 minutes before turning onto the other side. Cook for another 2 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Remove with a slotted spoon onto kitchen roll to absorb excess oil. Best eaten when slightly cooled but you can batch cook and reheat in the oven.


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