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Not all chillies are equal!

We’ve selected some of our favourite chillies known for their distinct flavours and heat strengths for you to use in your cooking. From the smoky heat of Chipotle chilli to the delicious and colourful Kashmiri chilli, we blend whole chillies into powder to order.

Try them in your own recipes, we’re sure you’ll never go back to generic chilli powders again.

GoatCurry200Scotch Bonnet Chilli Powder (40g)

To ensure great quality we dehydrate fresh chillies and grind them to a fine powder including the seeds making this a delicious and potent chilli powder.

Scoville Scale 100,000- 350,000


GoatCurry1Cascabel Chilli Powder (40g)

Also known as the rattle chilli or ‘little bell’, this is widely used in Mexican cuisine. With a mild to medium, gentle heat it is often used in salsas, sauces and stews and pairs well with chicken, meat and fish.

Scoville Rating 1,000-2,500 Units


item14Pasilla Chilli Powder (40g)

Meaning ‘little raisin’, this is the dried form of the chilaca pepper with a medium heat and has distinctive berry and liquorice flavours.

It pairs well with game, lamb, mushrooms and seafood.

Scoville Rating 1,000-2,000 Units


item3Ancho Chilli Powder (40g)

A dried poblano pepper meaning ‘wide chilli’, nearly black in colour with a mild, sweet and fruity flavour.

Widely used in Mexican dishes such as tamales but can be used in any dish where a gentle heat is required.

Scoville Rating 1,000-2000 Units


item6Kashmiri Chilli Powder (40g)

A bright, vibrant red chilli even when dried with a mild heat. Can be used in conjunction with hotter chillies to impart a glorious colour or on its own it will provide a warm, slightly fruity heat.

Scoville Rating 1,500-2,00 Units


item9Chipotle Chilli Powder (40g)

A smoked a dried jalapeno with tobacco and chocolatey tones and a medium to hot strength, one which we find curiously addictive so it finds its way into many dishes. Perfect for Mexican dishes, rich hearty stews and sauces.

Scoville Rating 2,500-5,000 Units.


GoatCurry14Piri Piri Chilli Powder (40g)

Originating from Africa, these chillies are sometimes known as African Birds Eye Chillies but are probably most associated with the Portuguese Piri Piri Sauce, These tiny fiery hot chillies pack an enormous punch. Excellent for marinades especially with pork, chicken and fish but this powder will liven up any dish. Try your hand at your own piri piri sauce, its incredible and easy to make.
Scoville Rating 50,000-100,000 Units (can rise to 175,000)


GoatCurry15Bite Me Mexican Trinity (40g)

Our special blend of Chipotle, Ancho and Pasilla chillies, roasted and freshly ground to order. An intriguing medium heat mix of smoky, chocolate and fruity sweet notes, add to marinades, BBQ rubs, stews and of course many chilli-based dishes.


item19De Arbol Chilli Powder (40g)

Meaning ‘tree-like’. A relation of the cayenne chilli, these have a complex and smoky flavour and a stunning red colour. Perfect for Mexican dishes but can be used in stir-fries and curries, perfect for a good chilli kick to any dish.

Scoville Rating 15,000-30,000 Units


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