Central & South American Blends

Most of our mixes come in 60g pouches, while the meal kits serve 4 hungry people.

GoatCurry200Jamaican Goat Curry 38g (serves 4)

A mild-to-medium Caribbean curry, complete with a simple recipe on the packet.

Traditionally cooked with goat but chicken, pork or lamb can be used as substitutes if preferred.


GoatCurry1Jamaican Curry Powder 60g

A delicious curry powder containing tumeric, mustard seeds, cumin, star anise, fenugreek and allspice.


GoatCurry10Fajita Spice Mix (60g)

Just add this blend to strips of chicken, onions and peppers and it's sure to wake up the tastebuds. Also delicious sprinkled over roast potatoes and root vegetables, try it, we're sure you'll agree.


item3Albondigas Spice Kit (Serves 4)

A Mexican two part spice kit. The first packet adds seasoning, herbs and a chilli bite to your meatballs, while the second packet adds a smoky richness to your tomato based sauce with delicious chipotle chillies. This comes with a recipe card to enable you to cook up a perfect Mexican dish.


item6Mild Chilli Spice Mix (60g)

A delicious blend of chipotle chilli, pasilla chilli, cinnamon and cumin to mention just a few ingredients, all selected for a deep smoky richness rather than full on heat.

BEWARE: It still packs a punch!


item9Hot Chilli Spice Mix (60g)

A more extreme version of it’s milder cousin above, it retains the smoky heat of chipotle but has additional punch of Ancho chillies.

Not for the faint-hearted!


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